Next we will cover the KEY TO ACCELERATION & DECELERATION. To indicate that lights are sequentially illuminating with deceleration or de-illuminating (turning off ) with acceleration horizontal arrows are positioned above or below the Speedlight. To depict deceleration red arrows point toward the Panic Light indicating that the lights are sequentially illuminating toward the Panic Light as the speed of the vehicle decreases.

To depict acceleration green arrows point away from the Panic Light (toward the left and right ends of the Speedlight) indicating that the lights are sequentially de-illuminating outward as the speed of the vehicle increases.

When the lights are on low intensity the arrows will only be below the Speedlight. When the lights are on high intensity the arrows will be above and below the Speedlight. And in both cases the illumination level will also be evident. Note that in all of the examples where the vehicle is moving the speed is set at thirty mph and the tail end of the arrow/ arrows is at the thirty mph Marker Light.

Panic stop deceleration red arrows will appear the same as deceleration with lights on high intensity except there would be two red arrows “tip to tail” wherever one red arrow was employed for normal deceleration. This demonstrates that the lights are illuminating at a very rapid rate of speed that meets or exceeds the 15 mph per second minimum to be a “panic stop”. This automatically illuminates the Panic Light on high intensity as well.