To visualize this concept refer to the KEY TO COMPONENTS & ILLUMINATION on page 9. In the COMPONENTS OF THE SPEEDLIGHT SYSTEM section you can see the components of the Speedlight in conjunction with the vehicle taillights. The Speedlight consist of a row of 37 lights total. The Panic Light is in the middle with 18 lights on either side. The 36 combined side lights (not including the Panic Light) are referred to as the “Speedlight strip”. Each light of the Speedlight strip represents a five mile per hour increment of speed. Marker Lights are set at specific points in the Speedlight strip so that “reading” the speed of the vehicle is instantaneous. They are at the 30mph, 60mph and 90mph positions and replace the normal lights that would occur at these positions. They are yellow and larger than the rest of the lights but not as large as the Panic Light. Their oval shape makes them stand out and be obvious even for those who are color blind. They operate the same as any other light in the strip. Marker Lights make it easy to compare the speed of all the vehicles in front of us at a glance. Vehicles going too fast or too slow will be obvious and warn us of the potential danger of sudden lane changes or turns or possibly an accident.

Now that we have all the components of the Speedlight let’s add the vehicle taillights and clarify the proper terminology. The “Speedlight” consists of the Panic Light, Marker Lights and the red lights of the Speedlight strip. It does not include the vehicle taillights. The term “Speedlight strip” or “strip” refers only to the red lights and the Marker lights. It does not include the Panic Light or taillights. The “Speedlight System” refers to the entire Speedlight and how it works in conjunction with the vehicle taillights.

In the ILLUMINATION section there are examples displaying the entire Speedlight System unilluminated (off ), illuminated on low intensity, illuminated on high intensity and flashing as they appear in the following modes. Please note that in the modes it is necessary for different sections of the Speedlight to exhibit different levels of illumination.