Now let’s view the different modes of the Speedlight System. Please note that the headlights and taillights are off in all of these examples. Therefore the taillights are either on high intensity or off. If the taillights were on then they would appear on low intensity wherever they appear off in the various modes. Notations have been added under each mode to indicate ignition switch on/off, gear indicator position and brakes on/off.

First we will cover the modes of the Speedlight with the vehicle not moving. These are called THE STATIONARY MODES. Refer to THE STATIONARY MODES FIGURES (0mph) adjacent.

The Speedlight System allows us to distinguish between Parked, Stopped and Standing.

A PARKED vehicle has the ignition off, the gear selector in park and brakes off. This is a dead vehicle with nothing illuminated.

In the STOPPED mode the ignition is on, gear selector in drive and brakes on. The entire Speedlight, including the Panic light and vehicle taillights are all on high intensity.

In the STANDING mode the ignition is on, gear selector in park and brakes off. The entire Speedlight strip is on low intensity with the Panic Light on high and taillights off. This is a vehicle at a storefront waiting for someone to come out and get into the car.

Take notice that when the Standing driver applies the brakes to shift into gear the entire Speedlight including Panic Light and taillights go on high intensity warning traffic and pedestrians that this vehicle is in the Stopped mode and is capable of moving at any time. The difference between Parked, Stopped and Standing is obvious.

Another Stationary Mode is PARKED WITH BRAKES ON. This is similar to the Parked mode. The ignition is off and the gear selector is in park but now the brakes are on. With the ignition off the Speedlight is off. However brake lights work even when the ignition is off. Therefore the taillights are on high intensity. If this vehicle did not have a Speedlight it would appear to be Stopped and ready to move. With the Speedlight we know the vehicle isn’t running and can’t move.

The last Stationary Mode is ACCIDENT mode. If a vehicle’s air bags or roll over sensors are activated the entire Speedlight System and vehicle’s hazard warning lights automatically go into a flashing mode on high intensity. This overrides everything and will work in any gear at any time even with the ignition off.